Construction of Xianyang Airport Flower Base
Date: 2006/3/28 14:26:48


Construction of Xianyang Airport Flower Base


I.       Project Name

Construction of Xianyang Airport Flower Base


II.    Project Implementation Agency

Xianyang Weicheng Agricultural Farm


III. Project Description

The agricultural farm plans to build a flower base incorporating seed introduction, test, growing, sales and sightseeing. The farm has complete infrastructures and is in the proximity of the airport. In order to improve the quality of fresh and potted flowers, the farm will adopt sophisticated technologies and relevant specifications.

The project includes the building of 6km road, improvement of water and power facilities, and construction of steel-frame greenhouse shed of 150mu and plastic shed of 150 mu and shade house of 20mu.



IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Form

Total investment: RMB 50 million Yuan. Collaboration, joint or sole investment is acceptable.


V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return

After the base is put into operation, it is projected to produce 100 million plants (pots) annually. Its annual output will be RMB 60 million Yuan, with over RMB 7.2 million Yuan in profit.



Contact Person: Zhao Shanqing (Agriculture & Forestry Bureau)

Telephone: 0910-3760499

Address: No.20, East Biyuan Road, Xianyang 712000