GAP Base of Fruckus Evodiae
Date: 2006/3/28 14:29:14


GAP Base of Fruckus Evodiae



I.       Project Name

GAP Base of Fruckus Evodiae


II.    Project Implementation Agency

Shiquan Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.


III.       Project Description

Shiquan County has convenient traffic and has complete infrastructure. The climate there is agreeable and the arable land is free from chemicals or pesticide residues. Considering that Shiquan is both the origin of ruckus evodiae and production base of Shaanxi, Shiquan Pharmaceuticals plans to build a 5000mu fruckus evodiae base there. The construction is expected to complete in three years’ time and after that, the base will apply for GAP authentication.


IV.  Total Investment and Cooperation Form

Total investment: RMB 10 million Yuan. Collaboration is acceptable.


V.     Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return

The price of fruckus evodiae has been climbing over the years because it is effective in protecting liver and strengthening stomach. The plant can bring benefit after three years’ growth and is suitable for larger scale planting. It will bring social and ecological benefits as well. The yield is 150kg/mu, and if calculated at the current price of 30 Yuan/kg, annual benefit per mu will be about RMB 4500 yuan, and the total scale is 5000 mu, then the income of the base will be RMB 22.50 million Yuan.


Contact Person: Zou Xiangyang

Telephone: 0915-5321791    13509150603

Address: Shiquan Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. 725200