Herbage Processing
Date: 2006/3/28 14:31:45


Herbage Processing



I. Project Name

Herbage Processing


II. Project Implementation Agency

Yanhe Grass Development Co., Ltd.


III. Project Description

Wuqi County has made remarkable achievements in the “grain for green” campaign launched by the state. Thanks to the importance it has attached to the development of grass and animal husbandry, the county has witnessed gratifying headway in this sector. The county currently has over 900,000mu artificial grassland, which will provide ample resources for Yanhe Company to develop herbage processing. The designed capacity of the project is 100,000 tons.


VI. Total Investment and Cooperation Form

Total investment: RMB 40 million Yuan. Joint investment or financing is acceptable.


V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return

The grass block and grass granule produced by Yanhe company are in great demand both on the domestic and international markets. The estimated annual revenue of the project is RMB 96 million Yuan with RMB 17.8 million Yuan in profit. The payback period is 2.24 years (including construction period) and the rate of return on investment is 44.5% (after tax).



Contact Person: Kang Zuguo

Telephone: 09117867309  13309112689

Address: Chengzhong Street, Wuqi County 717600