Production of Goat’s Colostrum Powder
Date: 2006/3/28 14:35:35


Production of Goat’s Colostrum Powder


I. Project Name

Production of Goat’s Colostrum Powder


II. Project Implementation Agency

Shaanxi Fuping Hongxing Dairy Co., Ltd.


III. Project Description

The project includes:

(1)   A 6810m2 breeding farm of fine milch goat, which will have 1050 herds on hand and supply 750,000 frozen sperms, 3000 embryos and 2100 fine milch goats.

(2)   Five breeding districts of milch goat, each district having goat pens of 1500m2 housing 1000 goats, and being able to produce 5250 tons of fresh milk per year; Ten milking stations with a total capacity of 50,000 tons per year; and

(3)   Introduction of vacuum freeze-drying equipment that can process 8.3 tons of fresh milk per day and produce 60 tons of colostrum powder per year.


IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Form

Total investment: RMB 27.61 million Yuan. Joint investment or collaboration is acceptable.


V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return

Goat colostrum powder is hard to get on both the domestic and international markets. The project after being built will fill a gap in northwest China.

The estimated revenue of the project is RMB 25.83 million Yuan with RMB 8.93 million Yuan of net profit. The investment can be recouped in three years.



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