Construction of Fattening Farm of Qinchuan Cattle
Date: 2006/3/28 14:37:13


Construction of Fattening Farm of Qinchuan Cattle



I. Project Name

Construction of Fattening Farm of Qinchuan Cattle


II. Project Implementation Agency

Xi’an Zhaolong Food Co., Ltd.

The company deals in processing and sales of beef and mutton. Its beef products are mainly made of Qinchuan cattle. Based in Xi’an, it has put in place a complete sales network covering the entire country and has set up sales office in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha and Wuhan.


III. Project Description

The fattening farm to be built will have 1000 herds on hand and provide 2400 herds to the market per year with market availability rate of 2.4 times/year. The farm will take up an area of 20000-30000m2 (20-30m2 for each cattle) and include cowshed, open place, fodder warehouse and offices. The house and buildings will cover 10000m2.

Apart from the fattening farm, the company also plans to build a silage plant, a cattle selection farm, a breeding center and a quarantine center. And together, they will cover a land of 100-200mu. The breeding stock per day is 1000 herds. The annual yield of commercial fattened cattle is 2400 cattle. The formalities for using land have been completed. In order to raise fine breed, the company will adopt advanced technologies of breeding, stover silage and disease prevention and treatment.


IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Form

 Total investment: RMB 15 million Yuan. Collaboration is preferable.


V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return

China tops the world for its meat consumption and its beef products ranks the third in terms of output. It is expected that the fattening farm will provide 3000 herds in the first year after it is put into operation, and 80,000 herds in five years’ time. The annual output of the farm will be RMB 50 million Yuan and the profit and tax will be RMB 5 million Yuan. Besides, the project will help increase the income of local farmers by RMB 50 million Yuan.


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