Construction of Sodium Chlorate Production Line, Suide County
Date: 2006/3/28 14:42:22


Construction of Sodium Chlorate Production Line, Suide County



I. Project Name

Construction of Sodium Chlorate Production Line, Suide County


II. Project Implementation Agency

Suide County Investment Promotion Bureau


III. Project Description

Suide is located in the hinterland of salt mine in North Shaanxi, with 220 million tons of pure salt distribution per km2, featuring large reserves of rock salt resources, excellent quality, and obvious advantages of producing sodium chlorate. It is proposed to build a production line for sodium chlorate with annual capacity of 50,000 tons by introducing Canadian technologies and adopting new techniques of minus 28 degrees centigrade vacuum crystallization.


IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Form

Total investment of the Project is RMB 200 million Yuan;

Cooperation form: Individual proprietorship, joint venture.


V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return

As a kind of inorganic compound product arising from electrolytic saturation salt, the sodium chlorate is the fundamental product for producing other chloric acid salts (potassium chlorate, sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide), and also universally- acknowledged bleach and bactericide characterized by high efficiency, security and environmental protection, with a promising market.

After the Project is put into operation, the annual sales income will reach RMB 170 million Yuan, the tax RMB 20 million Yuan, and the profits RMB 34 million Yuan.




Contact Person: Zhang Feicheng

Telephone: 0912-5621000    5622136

Fax: 0912-5626444

Address: Investment Promotion Bureau of Suide County, Shaanxi   718000