Expansion of Oleic Acid Production Line
Date: 2006/3/28 14:44:10


Expansion of Oleic Acid Production Line



I. Project Name

Expansion of Oleic Acid Production Line


II. Project Implementation Agency

Guanghua Oil Chemical Plant, Dali County


III. Project Description

It is proposed to introduce funds to utilize the oil foots as raw material, leftover produced by the Plant, and then compound them into fatty acids and oleic acids through a series of processes such as acidification, washing, dehydration, distillation, condensation, etc., with annual capacity of 5000 tons.


IV. Total Investment and Cooperation Form

Total investment of the Project is RMB 20.55 million Yuan, including RMB 9.55 million Yuan worth of self-raising and RMB 11 million Yuan of imported funds;

Cooperation form: Joint venture, cooperation, negotiation.


V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return

After the Project is put into operation, the annual sales income is expected to reach RMB 31.08 million Yuan, and the profit tax RMB 13.91 million Yuan.




Contact Person: Liu Shuangquan

Telephone: 0913-3222653

Address: Dali Guanghua Textile Plant, Shaanxi

Post Code: 715100