Mulberry Industrialization Construction
Date: 2006/3/28 14:23:51


Mulberry Industrialization Construction

I. Project Name

Mulberry Industrialization Construction


II. Project Implementation Agency

Yangling Shengsang Green Food Co., Ltd.


III. Project Description

This project comprises base construction of quality mulberry seedlings, purchasing and primary processing of mulberry raw materials and deep processing of mulberry. According the mode of “company+ base+ farmers”, the company plans to build a base for growing mulberry in Ankang City and set up a purchase station there for primary processing of mulberry. Moreover, it will build a 200mu base for growing quality mulberry seedlings in Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industrial Demonstration Park completed with a plant for elaborately transformed manufacturing of mulberry with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons.


IV. Total investment and Cooperation Form

Total investment: RMB 91.51 million Yuan. Joint investment or cooperation is acceptable.


V. Anticipation of Market and Analysis of Investment Return

Fruit drinks, one of the world’s three major drinks, are increasingly popular as the improvement of living standard has set higher demand for beverage. Mulberry drink represents the third generation drinks because it is free from essence and artificial color, retains the original flavor and is conducive to health. Regular consumption of the beverage makes you feel strong and refreshing. The drink has been in great demand since it was introduced into the market. The predicted annual revenue of the project is RMB 143.608 million Yuan, with RMB 37.068 million Yuan in total profit and RMB 32.172 millon Yuan in net profit. The payback period is 5.1 years (including construction period). The after-tax rate of return on investment is 28.7%.


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