Business association CEO optimistic about prospect of U.S.-China economic ties
Date: 2019/7/10 16:04:27

Business association CEO optimistic about prospect of U.S.-China economic ties 

A U.S. business association leader said here on Tuesday that he is bullish on the prospect of U.S.-China economic cooperation as history has proven that bilateral cooperation can create tremendous gains.

Jeff Moseley, CEO of Texas Association of Business, made the remarks at a forum on China-U.S. trade and economic relations, noting that both countries have achieved mutual benefits during the past four decades.
China and the United States established diplomatic relations in 1979, and since then their economic ties have been strengthened with booming two-way trade and investments.
"The numbers are profound, and the relationship has raised the standard of living in both countries as well. American and Chinese consumers have benefited dramatically from this relationship," Moseley said, describing the relationship during the past forty years as "wonderful."
Moseley said Texas has in particular benefited from the increasingly closer ties with China, its third largest trading partner.
"We are enjoying strong investments from China in Texas, and we know that a lot of our companies are depending on the relationship," he said.
Moseley said he hopes to attract even more Chinese investments to Texas in such areas as energy, agriculture, healthcare and technology.
With regard to the economic and trade consultations between the two countries, Moseley said "there is no doubt that we both have strong motivations to find a common ground."
"The last four decades have proven that there are tremendous gains by working together," he said. "We are looking for how we can assist in the dialogue of putting the new trade agreement in place."
Founded in 1922, Texas Association of Business works to protect and enhance the Texas business climate and make the state's economy strong. Its members and 200 local chamber partners employ hundreds of thousands of Texans and produce 8 billion U.S. dollars annually in business, according to its website.