China pushes up New Zealand goods exports in October
Date: 2019/11/27 16:27:40

China pushes up New Zealand goods exports in October 

China was a major market for New Zealand's increasing goods exports in October, statistics department Stats NZ said on Wednesday.

In October 2019, the value of total New Zealand goods exports increased 206 million New Zealand dollars, up 4.3 percent, from October 2018 to reach 5.0 billion NZ dollars.
The rise in exports was led by milk powder, up 194 million NZ dollars (32 percent) from October 2018. Exports of lamb (up 67 million NZ dollars or 27 percent), and beef (up 59 million NZ dollars or 39 percent) were the other main contributors to the rise in the country's exports.
The monthly movements in dairy products, beef, lamb, and logs were led by exports of the respective commodities to China, New Zealand's largest export partner.
New Zealand goods exports to China grew 279 million NZ dollars in October 2019. Exports to other main markets slightly changed, except for the European Union, down 97 million NZ dollars on a year earlier. (1 New Zealand dollar equals 0.64 U.S. dollar)